premarital counseling

Why is Premarital Counseling Important?

In the midst of staggering divorce rates, it is clear that so many couples who say “I do” actually “Don’t.” What can you do to not become another statistic? It has been proven that premarital counseling is a strong indicator of a long & healthy marriage. Psychology Today explains how studies prove that couples who choose to go through pre-marriage counseling have lower divorce rates than those that do not.

“The point is simple: Pre-marital counseling is the smartest decision that any couple can make.”

~Psychology Today

premarital counseling


What Will I Get Out Of It?

Whether you are dating, engaged, or married, Prepare/Enrich has been scientifically proven to improve your relationship dynamics and relationship skills. Outcome studies have found couples who take P/E and receive 3-5 feedback sessions with a trained facilitator have a significant improvement on 10 out of 13 relationship categories and greatly improve their relationship satisfaction. This assessment alone cost $35 and is already included in the GOLD & PLATINUM packages.


What Is Covered In Pre-Marital Counseling?


Session #1 – Keys to Improving Relationship Dynamics
In this first session, we will look at the results of the Prepare/Enrich Assessment and discuss keys to strengthening your relationship. Some common keys are communication, finances, conflict, family & religious background, sex, and expectations.

Session #2 – The Meaning & Purpose of Marriage
In this session, we will look at the purpose of marriage. We will like a 2 keys passages in the Bible (Gen. 1:18-25 & Eph. 5: ). Together we will examine the meaning behind “two becoming one” and in particularly how it relates to the keys to a strong marriage: communication, finances, conflict, family & religious background, sex.


Session #3  –  Fighting and Intimacy
Conflict is a part of every relationship. Every couple fights. In this session we will go in-depth about how to fight clean and for your marriage. We will also examine how reconciliation is  We will also look at reconciliation, sex, and intimacy as a powerful glue for your marriage and oneness.

Session #4  –  Friends with Benefits
You may know how the urban dictionary defines “friends with benefits” but true friendship brings the greatest benefit. All true friends should be friends with benefits. In this session we will discuss how your spouse is a true friend, a real friend, and a friend with benefits. This may sound simple but it get really deep. We will look at how each spouse has the power to shape the personality, emotional EQ, and the future self of the other. We will also look at The Five Love Languages (from the book of the same name by Dr. Gary Chapman).